17 February 2009

Anna Christoffersson: Sweden Comes Through with the New Billie Holiday

A great new talent from Sweden -- sultry, soulful, great musician, beautiful voice. Ms. Cristoffersson has got it all. Check out her music on the jukebox on her MySpace page at:


Capt. Happy said...

This was a nice find.
I listened to her stuff on myspace.com, which had a little info about her in English, but other Google searches found nothing but bios in her native tongue. She seems to be stuck in Sweden and not yet jumped the pond.

Another Scandanavian princess I've come across recently (on an Ipod commercial, I think) is the lead singer from The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. I love her quirky voice (Bjork-esque) and their music as a whole, but they don't even have a finished album yet. What they do have is on myspace/youtube, and it sounds like they're about to drop a record sometime soon.

Based on these two, I think we should be paying more attention to that region. It seems the American music scouts haven't been doing their job of finding talent abroad.

Paco Malo said...

Dear Capt'n,

For anyone that sees why this all matters, Capt. Happy's remarks -- and I've known him all his life -- are gospel.

Thanks Captain. You da man.