25 June 2008

Good Morning, Internet!

Legendary Disk Jockey Wolfman Jack

{Different station, a digital world now; 12:11 am, any night you're listening:}

Yes, dudes and dudettes, this is the Sandman here introducing the new Gold Coast Bluenote jukebox. Tired of reading that Paco dude go on and on as he learns to write? Just check out our new expanded left column: there you will find the greatest little jukebox in the world. To get your mojo workin' this morning let's start with a blast from the past -- the ever sensual Miss Dusty Springfield leading you right down the path to solace and destruction, with "Breakfast in Bed," from her Ultimate Collection.

Note: This jukebox is made possible by the software engineer and fine folks over at The Golden Age of Hollywood.


owen said...

Hey..yeah I noticed the other day the little jukebox. I enjoyed the Alison Kraus tune..
Those girls that backed her on that tune..the Peasall sisters..are sort of 'friends' of mine..

Paco Malo said...

Way Cool!

owen said...

Yeah.. there is a guy I have known for a while that lives in N. CA, who has practically sponsored them along the way..and he has sent me tickets and shirts and so on regarding the Peasall's.. They are very talented.

Paco Malo said...

I will definitely keep an eye out for them.

Can't picture you out front of a gig sellin' t-shirts and patchouli oil though. :-)

Ramona said...


owen said...

Well..it's just going to be the Plankspankers from 7-9:30 at MLK park
(the old Winter Haven amphitheater) on Lk. Silver. Gram played there, I am sure..many moons ago, when he was gigging the high school years in Winter Haven..