05 February 2008

Derek and the Dominoes, Jam V, "The Layla Sessions"

Jam V from Derek and the Dominoes' The Layla Sessions box set is where Duane Allman really shows his stuff -- it's the best of the five jams in the set.

The box set liner notes describe the track this way: ".... Jam V ... is nuanced with sudden dynamic turns, throttled into high gear by Duane's daredevil bottleneck as it skids up the fretboard until it digs in somewhere over the pickups ...." Jam V is also a showcase for Eric Clapton's rhythm guitar skills, much ignored due to his prowess at playing lead.

At the end of Jam V below, as a bonus, is an assortment of classic Duane and Eric tracks. So, for your listening pleasure, per referral from the Florida Cracker:



This is one of my very favorite pieces of music, letting us all in on how the 1970 recording sessions in Miami at Criteria Studios produced one of the greatest rock albums ever: Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs. What a band!

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