24 November 2007

"One Paper Kid" Covered by Emmylou Harris with Willie Nelson

Emmylou does it again: Songbird: Rare Tracks and Forgotten Gems [SPECIAL EDITION].

When I saw Emmylou Harris a few years back, I checked the set list with one of the sound engineers at the mixing board. The set list did not contain One Paper Kid. My new friend added that Emmylou hadn't done that old recording live in a long time.

This 4 disc, career-spanning collection is exceptionally deep-rooted. I'll cite here One Paper Kid sung in a duet with the perfect person across the microphone, Willie Nelson; and the alternate take of Waltz Across Texas Tonight -- a more electric version than the track included on Wrecking Ball.

Emmylou's magic becomes inescapable after review of the track list to Songbird.

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