25 June 2007

Yo, Cobain, Hendrix, Van Zandt, and Patsy fans -- so you think you don't like classical music?

One of the reasons why Carnal Reason blog taking a sabbatical is a necessary but, for us, nasty medicine -- rest assured, the editor deserves the time off -- is the guiding vision it provides, agree or not.

Case in point:


Are you a fan of any of the music in the categories on the right sidebar? If you think you don't care for, or indeed dislike, classical music -- think again, dude. The Editor-on-Sabbatical of Carnal Reason turned me on to J. S. Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor on 3rd generation Moog synthesizers. Trust me, it rocks!

Rest in Peace, Robert Moog.

See you soon, Ciceronian blogger.

May the rain fall softy on your fields.
(-- an Irish toast)



pwyll said...

Glad you enjoyed "Bachbusters". Out of curiosity I checked its Amazon reviews. Ten reviews, all but one gave it five stars, the low score was a four.

Bach was THE man, and Bachbusters brings out the sheer imaginative fun in his music.

Paco Malo said...

Tell it on the Mountain!