11 November 2012

Campaign Speech Closers

In yesterday's Saturday Single at Echoes in the Wind, my buddy whiteray played a numbers game with some old Top 40 charts and ran across a single that brought back some strong memories for me. So here's a moderately embarrassing story from my high school days.

When I got my first stereo in 1970, and "plugged into rock 'n' roll", one of my first albums was Abbey Road by The Beatles. The single off that record that grabbed my attention, referenced by whiteray yesterday, was Come Together (backed by Something).

Now let's jumped ahead to the spring of 1974. I'm running for student body president at my high school and faced with delivering one campaign speech just before the election wrapped up. Rock 'n' roll had grabbed my soul by then and I came up with the closing line for that speech, the hook from that Beatles single, "Come together, right now, over me."

If you're thinking right now that might not have been such a good idea, you're right. I came to the end of the speech, delivered the line, and it quite simply died in the room. I still won the election, but that speech hadn't appeared to help.

Inspired by the Echoes in the Wind post from yesterday, with a little bit of hunting I found what appears to be the original video for the song Come Together. It's a piece of pop art and a fine song I thought I'd give you a chance to check out -- for many, again. So, from the beginning of the end of the beginning of The Beatles, here's one for the ages.


Patti said...

Well, Mr. President, at least they probably appreciated your taste in music.

Did you enjoy being student body president? That was never the kind of role I coveted. While I am a mild extrovert, I have some introvert tendencies, so I was never comfortable in that up-front of a role. Still am not.

Hey, speaking of music, this afternoon, my daughter and I attended "In the Mood, a 1940's Musical Revue." It is a musical group that has been touring the world for 19 years now, putting on a delightful (and very patriotic!) 40's-era musical show. My foot was tapping non-stop to those awesome big band sounds!

Paco Malo said...

Patti, thank you for the thoughtful comment.

In answer to your question, yes, I did enjoy the role of student body president of my small high school. But that was enough of that for me.

Your Big Band Musical Revue with your daughter really sounds like fun. "In the Mood" is a favorite of mine. Moreover, I can't think of a better way to spend Veterans Day than enjoying the music that helped get us through that war.

Anytime your foot is tappin' non-stop that's a good time in my book.

Baluja said...

You were a great Student President and an even better writer...

Paco Malo said...

Mike, you're too kind.

[Note to readers: Mike Baluja is one of the best musician/songwriters I know. Please visit his websites by following the link at his name above.]